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The point of passwords

The point of passwords is to protect us. But protect us from what? Sure, we hear news reports of people having their identity stolen. It seems so detached through. Perhaps those people did something really silly. We’ll rationalize we don’t have enough stuff for someone to target us. Here’s the reality. The identity thief makes 10-100 times less than us. Even if a thief believes targeting us would be fruitless, they may target our friends and family members money, posing as us in some con game that plays on compassion and empathy. It happens all the time. Even if we are not a viable target, that is no solace for our targeted friends and family members.

Suffering from password fatigue?

Like many, we feel passwords fail us. Every website wants a unique password. But, seriously. Like most, we come up with a few passwords and reuse them site after site. Some websites challenge us with different password rules, making us change our password a little. But basically, we keep a pretty short list we can remember. And, when we can’t remember a password, we’ll go through the “Reset my password” routine from time to time, or worse, call customer service to get our password reset. Any of this sound familiar?

It is time to take control of your passwords the easy way by letting an app manage your password for you, automatically.

Our background

MobileVaults founders see the password problem and solution differently thanks to their leading-edge automation work developing password managers for Fortune 500 companies that automatically manage millions of passwords. Since their 6-year experience in industrial password automation, they developed a solution assuring privacy, rendering password theft pointless, while protecting you, your friends and family members.

Before designing MobileVaults, we performed a critical analysis of various applications claiming to solve the password problem, including popular password managers plus products and services dedicated to replacing passwords. Frankly, the privacy of nearly everything we examined is iffy, at best, as your secrets are typically stored on the cloud somewhere. Given recent top secret government leaks, we understand that any information we store in the cloud is no longer our information. The facts show, cloud providers and government agencies have unprecedented access to our information, in ways we can hardly believe.

In addition, through our analysis we came up with three categories of features. Things that our product should do, things our product should not do, and lastly, things our product should be better than the rest. Here is what we came up with.

What we do similarly

  • You only need to remember one password; your master password
  • Automatically learn your existing user names and passwords as you browse websites
  • Automatically type your user name and password the next time you visit a website
  • Automatically make secure daily backups of your secrets
  • Generate strong passwords for you

What other apps do that we don’t

  • Rely on the cloud to store your secret information
  • Synchronize your secret information on each computer, tablet or smartphone you use
  • Have out-of-date passwords on some devices
  • Duplicate passwords on some devices

What we do better

  • Securely store your secrets on your smartphone
  • Give you control over your privacy
  • Provide you complete control and 24/7 access to your secrets
  • Automatically change your passwords for you
  • Connect your computer or tablet web browsers to your smartphone when user names and passwords are needed
  • Protect you from losing all of your secrets if you forget your master password.

For people suffering password fatigue, MobileVaults provides the first password dynamics application safeguarding consumers, their friends and partners from the hazards of password theft through complete, automatic password management that eliminates everyday password frustrations so consumers feel confident their passwords truly protect them.

Password Dynamics Technology

Continuous identity protection is assured by frequently and automatically changing your passwords for you. Protecting you from password theft and hacking.

Learn more about Password Dynamics Technology

Automatic Login

Forget memorizing passwords, “Reset my password” emails, and calling customer service to unlock an account. Our complete password management provides you total control and peace of mind.

Trust No One (TNO)

Our design guarantees you exclusive access to your passwords. We never have your passwords or master password. Ever.

No-cloud & No-Sync

Our no-cloud design keeps your information private. The no-sync design guarantees your passwords are always current and never duplicated or out-of-date, making password hassles a vague memory.

Automatic Backup

Store secure daily backups on your laptop or tablet for assured privacy. Lost or damaged smartphone? No problem. Simply activate and restore your replacement smartphone, typically the same day. Far easier recovery than a lost key ring or wallet.

Never Lose Passwords

Our exclusive SpareKeys™ protects you from losing all your passwords if you forget your master password.

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Your privacy is important to us. We won’t sell or share your email addresses with others.
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